• Mark & Julie

    Over the years we have had multiple painters work on our homes. Ivan, from Genesis Painting, is by far the best we have had. Not only is he reliable and a pleasure to work with, but his overall knowledge and skill is of the highest level. We have recommended Ivan to our friends and neighbours and they were equally impressed. We would definitely hirer Ivan for all our painting needs.

  • Jackie & Alan Klein - Abbotsford, BC

    We take enormous pride in both the interior and exterior of our home and over the course of 9 years, we have come to rely and trust Ivan Kehler in his painting skills.

    From inside & out, Ivan has been there with his knowledge, advice and incredible attention to detail when it comes to painting.

    When Ivan paints your home, it is with the same thought, respect and passion that he would display if he were painting his own home.  Not only is Ivan extremely skilled, but it quickly becomes obvious that he takes great pride in his detailed work and subsequently, the end result.  Ivan painted the interior of our home in 2005 and we were lucky to have him take on the job of painting both the interior and exterior of our latest home on Shearwater Drive.  For those moments when you are lost with colour choices, or perhaps where one colour should stop and another begin, maybe the combination with flooring and other aesthetics, Ivan always has great insight.  After all, this is his passion and he takes great pride in his work.

    You are welcome to drive by our home at 4258 Shearwater Drive and see an example of how Ivan can transform your home.  He took our 90's home and brought it up to date, showing us how powerful and economical painting can be when it comes to the beauty of your home.

    If you need your house painted either inside or out .... this is your best solution.

  • JAKKI - abbotsford

    I hired Ivan to repaint my condo in preparation for sale and not only did he provide some great advice on color, he did an outstanding job at a very reasonable price.  Furthermore, he completed the job in very short notice. In a bad housing marking, my condo sold in less than a month. So with my new condo, there was no question about re-hiring Ivan to do the painting, and once again the results were fantastic and his service is excellent.

  • Brian

    If you need your house painted, Ivan Kehler is the first and last place to look. Ivan knows what he is doing, and he will do what is best for your house. Ivan is punctual, polite, friendly, and caring. My house looks beautiful. Ivan is a knowledgeable, energetic, prompt, and upbeat. He will listen to you and help with any concerns you have, before, during, and after the work is done. I would definitely recommend Genesis Painting to all my friends or anyone looking for interior or exterior work.

  • F Hatch

    I have had two houses painted by Genesis Painting over the past years and the one we still occupy.  I can say that I have never had a better painting job in my life.  We were complimented by many friends, family and visitors when they saw the home.  On one occasion we had a retired painter visit and asked “who painted your home as he had never seen a better job”.  A number of years later we put the house up for sale and we were complimented continually on the professional job of painting.

    Many friends and other family have used Genesis Painting through seeing his work.  He is the ultimate professional and I would recommend him to anyone.  Having Genesis Painting, I would not have anyone else.

  • Geneva & Oliver Perreault - Cloverdale, BC

    My husband and I bought our dream home to raise our family in about 5 years ago. We have taken great pride in decorating and finishing it to our desired specifications...ie: building a beautiful 3 layer cedar deck, landscaping, finishing the basement with guest room, bathroom and a man cave! We hired a wonderful home decorator & color consultant to help choose the paint colors throughout the home...and on her referral, plus talking with and getting quotes from 3 additional paint companies, we chose Ivan Kehler. I got a comforting feeling speaking to him on the phone right from the start and his price quote was the best!

    Ivan took his time preparing the walls, baseboards and mouldings for paint. He was in our home for close to 2 weeks doing the required work. I enjoyed his company. He is congenial, focussed and polite...not to mention a perfectionist at painting & his work!! Our home looks amazing and we couldn't be happier with the outcome. I have referred Ivan to a few friends already and am confident they will be just as satisfied with his work as we are!

  • Michael Gudmanz - Abbotsford, BC

    During the summer of 2013 we contracted Ivan Kehler to repaint the outside of our house 35331 Gingerhills Drive, Abbotsford. BC.  This was a complex project, as the house had many gable peaks , white window / door framing and difficult to access areas. The bulk of the surfaces requiring painting after 10 or so years of service was the “combed” cedar shingles that covered most of the surfaces on the front, sides and rear of the house.

    We required that the colour, finish and overall effect match the original in order to maintain the aesthetic look of the house. He painstakingly had the colours matched to some original shingles and devised an application system that ensured the final finish was as close to the original as possible and exactly as we wanted.

    You are welcome to view the finished house at the above address.

    We would have no reservations in recommending Ivan Kehler for painting contracts – big or small - as he proved to be fastidious, reliable and very professional in the way he approached the project.