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We purchased this home in November 2006 for $350,000 and then sold it in July 2006 for $435,000. It was a fun project and as you can see from the pictures we totally transformed this home.



This home was listed in June of 2009. After a month on the market and no offers and unfavourable feedback, most of the home was repainted with a neutral grey tan colour. A week later the property was sold.



When we purchased this house in 2002, the basement was unfinished. To maximize the 1,369 space, we had to remove some walls and add some posts and beams. We also had to do some jack hammering for plumbing purposes. In the end, we ended up with a bachelor suite that rented out for $650 a month, a powder room for upstairs use, an office, and a recreation room, with a wet bar utilizing the space under the stairs.


Shearwater Basement

This was a really fun project. When we purchased this home in 2008, the only way to access this room was from the outside; the 400 sq ft space had been added to the home a few years prior. For $700 we had someone saw through the foundation making the accessible from the main part of the house.

There were bulk heads on 2 of the walls of the room to provide for ducting so we added bulk heads to the rest of the walls to balance out the room. We also installed numerous pot lights on 2 different sets of dimmers for mood lighting. We matched the slate flooring from the main part of the house to establish continuity. The coffered ceiling really finished off the room. We painted all the mouldings to match the bar we had purchased from Home Billiards.


Shearwater Great Room

When we purchased this home in 2008, the coffered ceilings and columns were already installed and painted. However, settling had occurred and there were cracks where all the wood was joined together and caulking issues. We used a combination dap and bondo to fix all the issues and then spot primed and re sprayed all the wood work. As you can see there was a lot masking to do.

The cabinetry in the dining area was white with knobs so we painted them brown, antiqued them with black and then clear coated them. We then replaced the knobs with handles.

The kitchen cabinetry was a little worn in areas so we antiqued them and clear coated with a satin lacquer finish.



I love how I was able to transform this home from a dated 90's look to the current times. I even had my carpenter come and change the colums in the front of the house. If you visit this home in person you will see how solid all the colours still are. I sprayed and back rolled the stucco with 2 heavy coats to acheive this result. My customers Alan and Jackie Klein were extremely pleased as evident by their testimonial.